Ankle boots sometimes are referred as the bootie and these are one of the very latest and famous trends of all. Anklet ankle bootboots are fashionable boots which are worn usually by the women and there are number of reasons why women wear the ankle boots and majority of this is style and the fashion. These ankle boots are not new in the fashion but these go back in the history and were first introduced in the year of the 1960 and then by the year of the 1970 these become very much famous and the popularity of these even become more with the passing years. Even in today modern age, these are very important part of the fashion especially in the areas where the weather is usually cold. Although there are many kinds of the ankle boots and figuring out which one of it goes well with what is a difficult task. There are number of ways to wear the ankle boots and to carry these in a proper way and some of these ways are discussed in this article.

Tuck your ankle boots:

If you want to wear ankle boots but want to have a long leaning leg, then you must tuck your ankle boots in the jeans. Although some jeans are not very suitable for this kind of the fashion but this will definitely go well with the leggings.

Roll the jeans above the ankle boots:

If you want to go for the cute look then you could go for this style in which you cuff your jeans above your ankle boots in Australia and this is how a part of your ankle is visible as well. Although for such kind of the looks it is better to have the skin tight jeans.

Cuffing and half cuffing:

Cuffing works in a similar manner as the rolling up, in both of these styles of wearing the ankle boots the ankle is little visible and therefore, it works well with the lean legs. Similarly, you could achieve the similar kind of the look with the half cuffed as well.

Socks folded with the ankle boots:

Many people who likes to wear the socks with the ankle boots should go for the leggings which are high and the socks which are long enough to be folded. This looks is very trendy and cool as well.

Match the ankle boots with the leggings or the jeans:

The monochromatic look of the jeans is very famous in the ankle boots in which women pair the same colour ankle boots with the same colour jeans and the leggings. This style is very classy in the look.

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